Custom Ordering Custom MATTING

$45.00 - $3,200.00


Hello Everyone,
I mat my prints with a color that is predominant in the image that is to be matted. If there is a lot of light brown then I'll matt it in shades of tan/brown that best fits the image.
If YOU would like a custom color for your home, PLEASE give me the matt color or color number and manufacturer that you want your print matted in.
I'll make it a custom fit for your home or office.
Just let me know when you order and I'll make it happen.
Thanks so much!

Black and White Ordering.
Black and White prints typically matt in either black, white, Black core color matting. Please specify which matting you need for your prints.

Thank you all for checking out my photography and I offer many, many options in ordering prints, canvases, metal prints for your home or business.

I offer matted, framed photographs in ANY size you may require up to 40x60" in size.
I offer 28x38" or 32x40" limited edition matted or framed photographs in very small editions of only 7 per image. Each are numbered 1-7, printed, signed and matted framed by myself on each image in my gallery here and larger sizes please contact me for a quote on single or sets for your home or office.

Canvas prints at any size you might require up to 40x60 can be ordered on this page as the one pictured with the black moulding. I will need you to include name of the image you want to order.
Once ordered, I will get them into production and get a beautiful piece of art out to you.

Metal prints can also be ordered right from this page and will only need your image pick once you checkout.
The picture of the metal print above and the owner of this beautiful 40x60 metal print show the size and beautiful these metal prints are..

Please message me through my site here or you can reach out to me at 505-948-8774
Or email me at
[email protected]

All prices include shipping to your home or office.

Custom matted prints larger than 18x24 MAY take up to two weeks to ship due to the lack of availability in some mat boards and having to special order in some circumstances.
Your patience is very much appreciated as these are all hand made custom pieces of art for you!

Have a great day...

Below are the prices for custom prints available for your home or offices.
Prices include shipping

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Thanks everyone!